Sunday, 16 May 2010

im back people

maaan its been ages since ive been on this , anyway i dunno if im goin to finsh the story or not im too busy playin marvel ultimate alliance 2 which ive compleated in 2 days till have to unlock some characters but thats bout it.

another thing i like now is x men , i never realy liked it but now i love it if u like it watch x men evolution , its the best.

ive got college tomorrow joy (not) just have to finsh off two sets of work and im finshed yepee. ill see kat too which is good shes cool even if she does get mad but i can take it anyway ive done enough on this so ill go to sleep now (in single bed till tomorrow , it hurts so bad).

night sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite.

Sunday, 28 March 2010



William sat there lost for words as Elena told him about Damon. "why is Damon watching me for said William. Elena told him that William had something Damon wants. "what do i have what that he wants?". Elena explained that damon was williams great great great great uncle.

William got up and left saying " i need time to think sorry." William went home instead of going to his next class. there was a knock at the door , William answered it "can i help you?" , "yes you can little nephew Damon said , " what do you what from me " William said standing there scared as ever. " you have something of mine that i want Damon angerly said. William told him that he didn't know what he was talking about.

"well why don't we have a little chat" Damon said. William invited him into the house and they went to the living room where they had their chat.

William thought but what is it hat Damon wants i wonder.

Friday, 26 March 2010



William returned to his bedroom still thinking about the 2 figures he had seen that day. He went to sleep and morning came in a flash.

Wiliam went to college and was heading to the lift when the girl came through the door. " hey william " she said , William anwered hello and asked "whats your name if you dont mind me asking?" she replied "its Elena". William and Elena went to class as useal and met in the canteen at break. "we have so much to catch up on" William said cheerfuly, Elena sat there waiting for william to talk but he didnt so she asked him "whats wrong William? , William told her that he was being watched by this figure lurking in the shadows. Elena asked him if you could only see the eyes and William answerd back saying " yes how do you know you can only see its eyes.

Elena told him that it was watching her as well. William shocked by this asked "wonder what it is or who is it". Elena told him that she already knew who it was, William quickly said "who , tell me i want to know.

Elena told William it was a vampire named Damon Winchester

Thursday, 25 March 2010


A month had passed since William seen the girl. William was very worried. "where is she" he thought to himself. William went back to college the next day and in class he spy ed a strange figure outside the window of the classroom , the dark figure was lurking in the shadows looking at him but only his eyes were visible , William ignored it and got on with his work.

Lunch came and when he was going out the front door he bumped in to a girl and her books fell on the floor but William knew it was the girl that sat down at his table. he helped the girl with her books and said " where have u been all this time i was worried?" the girl replied " ooh it was family problems and it was sweet you were worried about me thank you". The girl kissed him on the cheek and went of to class, William ran to ask what her name was but she wasn't there it was like she vanished into thin air.

William went home sad as ever. he went straight to his room and looked out the window. There in the shadows was a figure watching him as it was watching him this morning. William went out and went to were the figure was but nothing again. "Whats going on first the girl going missing and now someones watching me, but who is it."

Wednesday, 24 March 2010



The boy was sitting in a corner of his room on a cold and windy night lonely as ever. He had no friends to play with , no brothers or sister just his parents who were to busy to spend any time with him because they were always busy with work.

The next day was the first day back to college after Christmas. The boy went up to the canteen like he does every morning and sat down at his usual place drinking his hot chocolate. He was sitting there for about 10 minutes and a girl came up and sat at his table across from him. she said hello but the boy said nothing. "whats your name?" she asked , the boy answered "I'm William."
"You don't speak much do you William" she replayed. the boy answered " i don't need to speak if i don't want to."

The girl sat there shocked , she was only trying to be friendly. she got up from the table and left for class , William did the same. he went to the class did his assignments for one of his teachers, by this time it was near break time. William left the class and headed straight to the canteen. The girl was sitting and William went over to her and apologized to her. the girl said "its fine don't worry about it".

They talked for a good 45 minutes, they were both on a free session then they went back to class. William didn't see her after they went back to class.

The next day William never seen her at all. A week had passed still no sign of her , William was becoming worried , he had no way of contacting her to see if she was OK. William didn't even know her name , who was she and where is she now.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Today was awsome went to burger king with kat and played guitar hero for a bit. Went to the staion after seen daniel talked to him when my bus came. anyways got home went on the wii played sonic and the secret rings (its ok) then went on this looked up wicca for some odd reason found this girl who awsome at explaining the religion. then i pissed myself laughing at eddie izard omg hes hellerious (probly not spelt right but who cares)

thats bout it realy untill next time

bless it be


Monday, 25 January 2010

zelda and other stuff

well i havent wrote on this for a while now where do i begin ah yes of course zelda , i have twlight princess and omg it is so amaing and hard at the same time im at the water temple level wearing my zora suit which lets me breath under water which is cool. then i got a new game on saturday called yugioh 5d tag force 4 it is a gud game to bit easier than zelda.

today was cool cause went in to tech in the morning seen kat and talked to 8:50 then i went down to class. anyway skipping all the boring stuff it came lunch time and me and kat went to burker king which i love and kat now hates apparently. we were sitting and the topic of religion came up and shes an athiest and im a christion but i dont know what i am yet im probly not a christion cause i dont go to church as often as i should or pray or read the holy bible. im more a dark person i know i dont look or act like one im realy bad sometimes trust me i can wreak the house sometimes if i want to but i dont i just take my temper out on game and stuff.

well that concludes this blog for another time

ill see u l8ter people

peace out