Monday, 25 January 2010

zelda and other stuff

well i havent wrote on this for a while now where do i begin ah yes of course zelda , i have twlight princess and omg it is so amaing and hard at the same time im at the water temple level wearing my zora suit which lets me breath under water which is cool. then i got a new game on saturday called yugioh 5d tag force 4 it is a gud game to bit easier than zelda.

today was cool cause went in to tech in the morning seen kat and talked to 8:50 then i went down to class. anyway skipping all the boring stuff it came lunch time and me and kat went to burker king which i love and kat now hates apparently. we were sitting and the topic of religion came up and shes an athiest and im a christion but i dont know what i am yet im probly not a christion cause i dont go to church as often as i should or pray or read the holy bible. im more a dark person i know i dont look or act like one im realy bad sometimes trust me i can wreak the house sometimes if i want to but i dont i just take my temper out on game and stuff.

well that concludes this blog for another time

ill see u l8ter people

peace out

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