Saturday, 24 October 2009

My day today 24th october 2009

well today was odd because i woke up at 1:35pm. i dont know why i did,i dont lie to this time unless i was realy sick. i got up washed my hair and had some lunch. then i played the wii i was playing sonic unleased where you play as sonic (obviously) and at night you play as werehog still sonic only a werehog (werewolf). you fight these dark gaia cretures (there so weak) but when you fight a dark gaia boss at a temple there hard (realy hard but some are easy) that was about it mosly nighty night.


Where do i start . The whether here is awful its so cold and wet all the time . But im not complaining as long as it stops me from going outside and doing jobs round the garden. the sun appears an odd time here but too much (thank god). The wind here can get realy strong from time to time . We hardly get any snow round christmas time which is a pain cause i love going out and building a snowman(good times)