Friday, 11 February 2011


well were do i start , this year isnt goin to a good start , the guy i have a massive crush on doesnt realy ... i dunno what to say , one change way him to have a relationship with him would make my day , but i dunno anymore . college is goin well least thts one good thing , no relationship yet cause i want 1 way **** (he knows who he is )

and me kat r friends again :D woop woop

ily **** just wish ud gimmie a chance

Monday, 31 January 2011

How boring my life is

my life sucks at the min , dads like yapping at me to get a job in summer which i dont want. me and kat arent goin to be talkin cause my anger is never going away. Theres only 1 guy tht realy get me and thts matt hes like my best friend nows , but matt i like hes so cute hehe lol , i love him to bits anyway movin on from the guy who i have a massive crush on right now lol , umm college sucks cause no1 to hangout with , so like no friends at all now , so my life sucks right now , i couldnt care less what people think of me , h8 me go ahead idc anymore , annd thts about it till next time.