Friday, 26 March 2010



William returned to his bedroom still thinking about the 2 figures he had seen that day. He went to sleep and morning came in a flash.

Wiliam went to college and was heading to the lift when the girl came through the door. " hey william " she said , William anwered hello and asked "whats your name if you dont mind me asking?" she replied "its Elena". William and Elena went to class as useal and met in the canteen at break. "we have so much to catch up on" William said cheerfuly, Elena sat there waiting for william to talk but he didnt so she asked him "whats wrong William? , William told her that he was being watched by this figure lurking in the shadows. Elena asked him if you could only see the eyes and William answerd back saying " yes how do you know you can only see its eyes.

Elena told him that it was watching her as well. William shocked by this asked "wonder what it is or who is it". Elena told him that she already knew who it was, William quickly said "who , tell me i want to know.

Elena told William it was a vampire named Damon Winchester

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