Wednesday, 24 March 2010



The boy was sitting in a corner of his room on a cold and windy night lonely as ever. He had no friends to play with , no brothers or sister just his parents who were to busy to spend any time with him because they were always busy with work.

The next day was the first day back to college after Christmas. The boy went up to the canteen like he does every morning and sat down at his usual place drinking his hot chocolate. He was sitting there for about 10 minutes and a girl came up and sat at his table across from him. she said hello but the boy said nothing. "whats your name?" she asked , the boy answered "I'm William."
"You don't speak much do you William" she replayed. the boy answered " i don't need to speak if i don't want to."

The girl sat there shocked , she was only trying to be friendly. she got up from the table and left for class , William did the same. he went to the class did his assignments for one of his teachers, by this time it was near break time. William left the class and headed straight to the canteen. The girl was sitting and William went over to her and apologized to her. the girl said "its fine don't worry about it".

They talked for a good 45 minutes, they were both on a free session then they went back to class. William didn't see her after they went back to class.

The next day William never seen her at all. A week had passed still no sign of her , William was becoming worried , he had no way of contacting her to see if she was OK. William didn't even know her name , who was she and where is she now.

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