Thursday, 25 March 2010


A month had passed since William seen the girl. William was very worried. "where is she" he thought to himself. William went back to college the next day and in class he spy ed a strange figure outside the window of the classroom , the dark figure was lurking in the shadows looking at him but only his eyes were visible , William ignored it and got on with his work.

Lunch came and when he was going out the front door he bumped in to a girl and her books fell on the floor but William knew it was the girl that sat down at his table. he helped the girl with her books and said " where have u been all this time i was worried?" the girl replied " ooh it was family problems and it was sweet you were worried about me thank you". The girl kissed him on the cheek and went of to class, William ran to ask what her name was but she wasn't there it was like she vanished into thin air.

William went home sad as ever. he went straight to his room and looked out the window. There in the shadows was a figure watching him as it was watching him this morning. William went out and went to were the figure was but nothing again. "Whats going on first the girl going missing and now someones watching me, but who is it."

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